Coupy Affiliate & Content Partner Programs

Coupy partners with bloggers, influencers, review sites and SaaS experts to share their content with our community and to give access to exclusive deals to their followers.

Affiliate Partner Program

The Coupy Affiliate Partner Program allows you to earn commission for referring customers using your unique affiliation code. You can promote your code in content such as social media, blogposts, videos, emails and webinars.

Here are three great reasons why content creators love the Coupy Affiliate Partner Program:

  1. There’s nothing to it. You earn commission each time someone signs up for a paid Coupy membership using your unique code.
  2. It’s a really easy sell. You’re giving amazing deals on leading SaaS software brands such as Notion, Hubspot and AWS that your followers are already using.
  3. We’ll make it even easier. When you sign up as an affiliate partner we’ll send you a free marketing kit with lots of ideas for social posts, emails and landing pages. There is even ready-to-use social media creative to help you kickstart our collaboration.

You’ll be able to track your conversions at any time via an online dashboard. Payment occurs on a monthly basis.

Content & Community Manager Partner Program

We want to provide our founder community with the best tools and resources on their favorite SaaS software. That’s why we’re always on the look out for great content from leading SaaS experts.

If you have content that you think would interest our startup community, let us know!

If we find the content suitable, we will:

  • Post a link to your content in our founder forum;
  • Add a link on the deal page for the relevant SaaS software;
  • Promote your content on social media and in our email newsletter.

Examples of awesome content could include:

  • Guides on how to get the most out of a tool;
  • Templates for common use cases;
  • Best practices and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Our partners' take

Significant cash savings for our startups

Our startups realized significant cash savings via Secret from the very first month and we now have access to new major partners. Coupy’s return on investment can be seen in minutes.

John Doe
Startup Manager @Euratechnologies

The best way to provide deals to our members

Coupy has been the easiest and best way for us to provide multiple deals to our members. They make something pretty tedious into something super simple and I’d use them always for providing deals.

John Doe
Founder @Makerpad

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